About us

A Redeira is a space of freedom and collective inspiration. Its community works on their business, professional or social projects with the only requirement of exchanging hours for ideas, services and knowledge through a collaborative bank of time.

A Redeira is an environment based on the philosophy of the exchange of networks between equals. It is a community of learning and collective inspiration to strength the citizenship participation.

It is a place for entrepreneurs, freelancers, job seekers, active retirees, children, re-entrepreneurs …

The Redeira is a co-managed space between the City Council of Pontevedra and the citizenship who is involved in its governance.

A Redeira is born and is inspired in the program La Colaboradora from Zaragoza Activa. This program was awarded with the Eurocities 2016 Prize (it recognizes the initiatives that improve the life of citizens) and the Ouishare 2015 Prize.

We will soon have the space available at Santa Clara Street. In the meanwhile, you can participate in some of the events that are already in movement in itinerant spaces in Pontevedra. You can check them in the Calendar.

Please contact us through this form if you would like to share any other contribution or idea to build this space of all the people.