Entrepreneur Rufa Redeira

Freshysweet is a junior communication agency of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Vigo University. They inaugurated the first Redeira Rufa, a space of freedom for sharing and creating networks.

It is not easy to summarize what happened in an hour and a half. What we easily can confirm is that we are surprised with their contributions.

We proposed them that, with absolute freedom, they shared ideas on 3 issues: what they want to mantein in the city, what they want to get rid of and what they want to start doing.

And we were impressed with so many contributions. The most important conclusion is that they really need a space of proactivity and motivation.

They emphasized “Positivity and humour, diversity, freedom, creativity, activities on the streets, and Noites Abertas.”

In relation to those things they do not want at all,  they talked about ” judgment, violence, repression, discrimination and machism”.

Regarding what they want to start doing  they mentioned:

  •  More active classes (more dynamic schools)
  • Interculturality, cultural exchanges between educational centers from different countries in order to promote social integration and the connection with the world
  • Interesting projects for the city
  • Promotion of feminism
  • Lessons based on experiences (instead of so much theoretical knowledge).

The session ended with some proposals of activities such as web series, video clips, building teams for large companies, music activities… All these initiatives have something in common: change our world in order to promote respect and freedom in the society.

We finished the session with “energy, enthusiasm, honesty, experience, desire, inspiration and a greater connection”.

Thanks Rufa Redeira for making it possible.