Redeira Inspire

The Redeira Inspira was really inspiring. The Amarinda Women’s Association shared their project. They are beginning a movement, in Mourente, focused on using old pictures to rebuild the memories of the village. This project is part of the initiative  “Memoria en rede” from the Pontevedra local government. The Amarinda Women’s Association shared hours of their time. As a result, in the very near future, they will be able to exchange this time in order to get the help they need thanks to the collaborative Redeira pocket.

After their presentation, the network began to move. Some of the participants in the event shared how they could help them to develop their projects. In fact, as a result of these connections, on June 14 the Amarinda Women’s Association will begin a Reading Club to empower the role of women in literature. This is a clear example of the network power and the possitive effect of the mutual help.

In the session, other assistants also showed some fields where they could contribute to A Redeira, so new connections were established in other areas.

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