Redeira Lareira I

The main topic of this first Redeira Lareira was provided by the entrepreneur Eduardo Seisdedos. He needed to get new information about the importance and the application of sustainability in companies, based on his business project.

For almost two hours, the people invited in this first call (from business associations, large companies, SMEs, independent professionals and the Public Administration) gave their opinions regarding sustainability and its application in the business world. This way, Eduardo could get a broader vision of the different points of view regarding the sustinability of his project.

If you are an entrepreneur or  you already have a company and you are beginning a new project, if you would like to test a product or you would like to know the opinions of other people on a specific topic, you just have to send us an email. A Redeira team will be happy to know your case and organize the Lareira with you.

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