Work Party Club III

This month, the event was hold in the #coworking Espacio Arroelo where 17 people joined to share their time working and meeting new people in English.

These were some inspiring moments of the day…

  •  2 women entrepreneurs (Gabi from Baile de Mariposas and María DoGo Strategy) shared the project they are creating related to a a female network for Women entrepreneurs.
  • The collaboration flowed naturally. In fact, one of our informatique engineers helped another participant with her tech doubts.
  • The participants Oscar from Orballo and the lawyer Hugo Panete where sharing their ideas regarding their comercial strategies about how to get new clients.
  • We had lunch with Pier, an Italian new coworker from Espacio Arroelo. We shared a pizza talking about our international adventures.
  • The team of architects (Evelio, Rafa, Juan and Rogelio) shared their profesional skills. We exchanged ideas and the match making flowed naturally. We discovered  Galician companies that are developing new methodologies that can make our live easier.
  • Africa from Espacio Arroelo and Juan Hernando, web designer and organizer of the WordPress Pontevedra Community, were preparing a new website.
  • And the creative artist Andrea, from La Platanera, was recording these interesting moments of the session.

Thanks for joining Jan, Gabi, María, Óscar, Marcelo, Andrea, Jennifer, Juan, Cristina, África Natalia, Evelio, Rafa, Juan, Rogelio and David.

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