Work Party Club IV

In May, we celebrated the IV Galician edition of the Work Party Club. This time our great hosts were the team of the coworking space Impact Hub Vigo

Here you can read the most interesting aspects of this session:

  • We enjoyed an inspiring day with people from Germany, Armenia, Morocco, Hungary, England, Pontevedra. Combarro, Vigo, A Coruña, Moaña and Arousa Island.

  • We shared our views about our needs and the Work Party Members made proposals to solve or to manage with these neccesities.

  • We discovered the interesting life of Sophie from With Many Roots. . She is a digital nomad who travels all around the world since 2015. Now, for the next 3 months, she will stay in Vigo. In fact, after the Work Party Club, she visited us in Pontevedra. We worked with us in Arroelo Coworking Space.

  • We met Christine from Germany, one of our new members of the club. She inspired us wih her interesting history about how she moved from her country to Vigo and how she works on remote for her start up.

  • Maria from DoGo Strategy and Gaby from Baile de Mariposas worked together in their inspiring project: a network of women entrepreneurs from Galicia and North of Portugal. We love to see each month, how this initiative evolves.

  • Oscar from Orballo and Andrea from La Platanera worked on their new projects. After getting in touch during the last editions of Work PArty CLub,  they have begun to collaborate and Andrea is the videomaker of this Galician ecological brand.

  • We had the opportunity to discover Impact hub Vigo thanks to Selena. They are a huge international network who help each other all around the world. All their members have something in common: they are companies or freelancers with a clear perspective of social entrepreneurship.

  • Our new members Nori, Zara and Aymane from Hungary, Armenia and Morocco respectively, told us about the association where they work Ticket2Europe. In addition they shared with us their experience as part of 2 intereseinting European Programmes they are part of: the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs and European Voluntary Service.

Thanks Zara, Aymane, Nori, Andrea, Christina, Sophie, María, Gabi, Oscar, Selena, Patricia, Gonzalo and all the Impact Hub Vigo members for sharing your kind “home” with us.

If you would like to join to the next one you just have to register in this link.