Para chula, a miña parrula

“Para Chula, a miña Parrula” is an innovative way of promoting the dialogue, the end of prejudice and the understanding about equality and feminism. In these meetings we enjoy inspiring stories of people who are a reference in the struggle for equality and women’s rights.

In small groups, different women share their history and the experiences when they decided to say “Para chula, a miña parrula”.

If you would like to participate in the next edition, you can write us an email at

The slogan that gives name to this initiative comes from the creativity of our friend and coworker of adventures Andrea. She is the woman in the picture and an artist and cofounder of the artistic space La Platanera in Arousa Island.

If you would like to understand the concept behing this slogan, the best way is reading her own explanation 🙂

“Vengo de una familia de mujeres que trabajan la tierra y el mar. Mujeres fuertes y valientes que han cargado con mucho para dejar levedad a su paso y transmitir sólo cosas buenas. “Para chula mi parrula” es una frase que resuena para mujeres valientes que hacen camino.  El 8 de marzo de 2018 decidí sacar esta campaña de empoderamiento a través del diseño y la comunicación con una línea de camisetas que llevaran esta frase para de alguna forma decir, aquí estamos y seguimos luchando”.

If you would like to participate in the next edition you just need to write an email to