Embaixadoras en Turquía con Berta Mariño e Ana Del Valle

Berta Mariño e Ana Del Valle son as persoas embaixadoras do proxecto de A Redeira en Europa. Contan e transmiten a iniciativa, creando novas oportunidades, redes e sinergias para a nosa cidade.


“We have some news for you!

We are very glad and pleased to inform you that the European Development Institute (EDI) is ready to be put into action and that we are inviting you to our first meeting.

For a while, we have been working on the completion of the bureaucratic procedures in Brussels, the creation of the EDI Team, the preparation of the website and visibility materials. Thank you very much for your patience and contributions during this process.

Our website created with your contributions: www.eudi.eu

We will keep developing this website and make it a living portal!

Now we are ready to gather to create our common values, goals and action plans, to get to know each other better and to act. With this meeting which will be a turning point for EDI and where EDI experts will gather, we will take off as an active and productive network across Europe starting from 2019.

We are inviting you, our dear expert, to the Kick-off Meeting to be carried out in Bursa on 19-25 February 2019 and we are really honored and excited to meet you there!

In addition, we have arranged you 1-2 extra quota for individuals in your institution who would like to take part in the EDI or representatives of active institutions in your organization who are performing or want to perform Erasmus+ projects. This is important for the growth of EDI and its recognition in Europe, and to reach the institutions that you can collaborate with locally.”